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Local Digital Marketing

Lucienne is a florist, but she is representative of all traders, artisans and self-employed individuals who are not visible enough on either Google or Facebook.  Together with her neighbour Michel, a wine merchant with an unpredictable character, the two beginners set forth on a path following all the stages of a digital conquest.  From the simplest task to the most complicated, from the generic to the specific, the discipline of Local Digital Marketing is revealed and explained clearly here.

The goal they seek to achieve is to make their online presence a tangible and accessible entity in order to occupy the best sites and increase their visibility.  To learn what they have to do, when and why but, especially, what has to be avoided.  Here is a detailed step-by-step route, mapped out and organised into check-lists.

To have the same chances in the terrain as the brands, every Lucienne, managers of sales points, franchises or otherwise, can now possess the methods needed to succeed in this new challenge of acquiring new clients by using digital platforms.



An entrepreneur with the will to succeed deeply rooted within his being, whether it be in his teams or in his own desire to excel at sporting competitions, Georges-Alexandre Hanin is a man who cannot help but move forwards, always pushing the limits; his own and, whenever he has the opportunity, those of others.


The process of writing became a face-to-face with himself, a way of connecting with the very essence of the transmission of knowledge.  With this first opus, Georges-Alexandre presents his debut in the school of popularisation.  Given that too much jargon kills the message and is by no means a guarantee of being a talented communicator, the exercise undertaken here is a veritable performance,  To make this technical skill accessible to all, to learn at their own pace, without having to use the services of a sub-contractor.

Book Summary

“Digital Local Marketing was born out of the evolution of consumer behavior. With the advent of the Internet and driven by the advances of Google and Facebook, consumers have adopted new practices to connect with retail outlets in general… not just yours. When I was a kid, my parents and grandparents had a phone book at home. Besides sitting on it when the table was too high for me, this phone book was used to find the phone numbers of people and businesses listed in it. If a consumer wanted to know the hours of operation of a nearby store, they would open their phone book, find the phone number of the store, and call them to ask the question. Some people also
Some also remember that this type of research could be done through telephone exchanges (like 1307 in Belgium and 118-218 in France) or through minitels. This was the beginning of the Internet…”

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Total Pages 176
ISBN 978-2931157039
Type Paperback, Ebook

Table of Contents

  1. What is Digital Local Marketing?
  2. One objective: generate traffic at the point of sale
  3. How Local SEO works
  4. Managing the referencing of your point of sale data
  5. Managing reviews in Local Digital Marketing
  6. Publish local actions
  7. The digital shop window of the points of sale
  8. Managing paid campaigns
  9. Reporting in Digital Local Marketing
  10. The legal environment

Additional information

Total Pages 176
ISBN 978-2931157039
Type Paperback, Ebook