Cedric Donck

Cédric Donck is CEO of Virtuology Group and Director of eTAIL Agency, an agency specialized in supporting brands on digital marketplaces. He is also a professor of innovation and entrepreneurship at the Vlerick Business School.

The book is an effective support for the entrepreneurship and marketing courses taught. Giving a theoretical structure to a methodology or content that evolves with technological advances is a tangible tool.

Cedric Donck has a long experience in business creation. He founded his first start-up on the university benches and sold it 11 years later to Omnicom.

He worked there for three years in mergers and acquisitions.

In 1998, when the internet was in its infancy, he created one of the first digital agencies. It developed in France and Belgium and was sold to WPP in 2008. It was time for him to share his experience. He becomes professor of entrepreneurship and innovation in several universities such as Solvay and Vlerick.

He wrote the book “Pimento Map” about business model analysis. Founder of several NGOs that support entrepreneurship in Africa, he shares his time between the development of Virtuology International, teaching and his passion, motorcycle raids in Africa.

The Virtuology Attitude will be born in 2020. Cedric decided to publish the Founding Act of the Virtuology group’s corporate culture. This opus gathers the philosophy and ambitions as well as the innovation and financial policy.

A new book is in preparation: Marketplaces, the new sales gas pedal.